The first day of school for me begins tomorrow.   With two weeks off I intentionally steered clear of all things MVPS. Email is turned off until tomorrow so there’s no requirement to be in the Know or Aware. And only for the reason that I knew I needed to switch gears creatively.

So over the last two weeks, I devoured tv shows, cooked, hung out with family, snuggled with the pups a lot, strategized, plotted & planned about my future (near & far), created body scrubs, wrote stuff, surfed the net, met for coffee, negotiated on gifts,  and worked on photoshop/illustrator.  My favorite thing thus far is this Dragons & Fairies (artwork is not mine).

So, tomorrow work starts again and I am ready.  These last two weeks have given my mind and body the off switch it needed. Here is what lies ahead over the next 3-4 weeks (that others are currently aware of as I have many other things brewing inside this head):