To help designers through the DEEPdt process, I have created several options to utilize during each of the Ddt modes (discover, empathize, experiment, produce.) These options (handouts) are called Learning MEANS. CLICK HERE —>>>>  So as of March 2017, this is the most updated and comprehensive collection of materials to aid in the “doing” of DEEPdt. The link is to a google doc. Please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or needs for something else. Also, designers should not use every single page in this handout—> pick and choose based on your needs. 

A quick reminder:

The DEEP design thinking process is designed in the following way:  

Modes—-> methods—–> means.

MODES: Discover, Empathize, Experiment, & Produce

METHODS: are the moments/touchpoints within the Modes, such as Needfinding, Unpack, Synthesis, Point of View, How Might We, Brainstorming, Iterating, Storytell. (like a pin on a map)

MEANS: The exercises, techniques, or tools of DEEPdt  There is no “step one” nor “start here to begin” when it comes to DEEPdt. DEEPdt is a nonlinear, fluid, and start where you are type of methodology. I have written here before on the way I see the process….as a Mess, an Amoeba, and visually and physically as a Spiral .