Assessments/Learning Progressions #LL2LU

Below you will find Learning Progressions aka Assessments I have utilized in the DEEPdt process.  There are way more to include and write (plus the Gough/Paul/Cantwell Design Thinking #LL2LU).  If […]

DEEPdt Widgets (resources)

HANDOUTS: Look No Further if you are seeking something to hold to help you facilitate/do your design thinking challenges. MEANS (tools that guide you through the Ddt Modes) #LL2LU (Learning Progressions/Assessments) […]


Collaborate in creating design thinking curriculum, assessments, and challenges.

Challenge… Prototype Simple #DEEPdt

I was just watching #designcamp via periscope’s @misterCmaine. The prototypes were pretty interesting.  It got me wondering.  Can you prototype simple?  Meaning, is there a very simple, minuscule idea or […]

#DEEPdt Challenges 2 Tackle #2

This is a reoccurring Post series of possible #DEEPdt challenges snagged from twitter Headlines. These tweets provide great Discover points to launch into a design challenge for Admin., teachers, &/or students.  It is […]

#DEEPdt Widgets

I have added a tab on the top of the DEEP design thinking site called DEEPdt Widgets. This tab is a way for me to organize and curate the Widgets […]

Soft Skills…more like ‘Da Skillz

I came across Jackie Gerstein‘s blog User Generated Education while researching “soft” skills the other day. The post, The Other 21st Century Skills: Why Teach Them is chock full goodies if you are interested […]

#DEEPdt Range Finder Tool + Learning Progressions

In the #DEEPdt Co/Lab Challenge, our students are letting their Curiosities and Passions Drive Their Learning.  You can see more of the work HERE and HERE.  During the #NAISac Teachers in […]

Repost of My Article: Let the Light in & Prototype

Let the Light In and Prototype (Originally posted in @leadanddesign newsletter) Mary Cantwell, Educator, DEEP Design Thinker The American Heritage definition of prototype is “a first, typical or preliminary model of something from […]

Nobody Puts DT in The Box

The post below was written somewhere between Nov. 28 -Now.  Processing takes time to Brew This post is connected to two previous posts, a rich and thoughtful discussion, and an […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Stop Light

Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine: Red Light, Green Light of Truth— Which I reference as Stop Light. I saw the power of this routine when Shelley Clifford utilized it in […]

“immune to assessment”

At #EAinnovates, @jimtiffinjr shared his Philosophy on Making. Jim attributed influence from the book Invent to Learn by Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager. Utilizing Invent to Learn, Jim shared what makes […]

Twitter Convo abt Assessment Teaser Post

Due to a thoughtful tweet by Grant Lichtman a few moments ago, I am encouraged to post a follow up to my assessment teaser post. @GrantLichtman @jgough Thanks Grant… I gotta post […]

Oh I’ve Got Questions…

(A word of caution to anyone who may thankfully read this post or visit this site for #DEEPdt surprises–After writing this post, I can’t seem to pull it together for […]