Discover Mode (where, what, or who) #DEEPdt

For me design thinking is a human-centered approach to learning, creating, and doing through EMPATHY. When I created and designed DEEP design thinking (© May 2010), my foundation & inspiration […]

Designing Visuals of DEEPdt

I have spoken before on the DEEP design thinking site of my desire to create a brand, logo, and/or images that to me shares the depth of this methodology and approach of design […]

Discover Points

In passing convos #DEEPdt Discover Pts Initiated: Redesign Fall Festival, MilkCartons, Taking a Stand-Styrofoam. I See U Challenge #dtk12chat — Mary Cantwell (@scitechyEDU) In DEEPdt, the Discover mode is an […]

Why DEEPdt as a design thinking process?

The below post was written over a year ago. Why DEEPdt as a design thinking process? Thankfully Stanford’s d. School is extremely generous with their experiences and have an open source […]