I thought I would share some thoughts on this concept called MoVe. MoVe stands for Moments of Visible Empathy. In the DEEPdt methodology, MoVes are ever present and key to gaining insight into your user throughout the process. Other different DT methos utilize, POVs-point of views.

During #FUSE14, I was asked to give a MoVe talk (a la Ted-Like talk). I am not a public speaker nor a Ted-Like speaker at any rate. My colleague, Bo Adams, asked me to take on this challenge. ¬†He told me to let the other MoVe speakers know that their only direction was to give the talk of their lifetime ūüôā and to share something they are passionate about. I assumed this framing applied to me as well yet it was never given to me directly…

I purposefully ignored this direction as such pressure would surely paralyze me in a state of panic and fear. In preparation for this MoVe talk, I simply chose to pull out three snapshots from my life that I carry (metaphorically) with me often. Thankfully, I had these snapshots in physical form to help frame my words.

 In my understanding,

(MoVe) Moments of Visible Empathy means: Presence, Understanding, Self-Connected.  

In sharing these three moments, my intention was to let others hopefully find their Moments of Visible Empathy with my stories.  That is if I actually could stay present, understand and self-connect with my audience as well.  A recording of my MoVe was made and hopefully it will find its way online. My mother (an acclaimed and treasured stage actress-yeah no pressure) is very interested in viewing the MoVe talk.

It is in these times of MoVe where a mindfulness can take over and push a designer to be more attune, present with their User. Instead of questioning in a vein of judgement or a fixed mindset, attempt to understand with curiosity and receive freely what your User is conveying to you. In moments of visible empathy, a designer can self-connect within themselves. These self-connections can occur within ourselves with unspoken moments with your user.  I believe the below image captures this self-connection. By inferring, we are MoVed to take a leap with our User to gain insight and self-connect. It is this moment, the designer becomes active in the process of DEEPdt and MoVes with the User.