Just a heads up: I am working on developing my Illustrator, Photoshop, & InDesign mad design skillz… I have a few creations “in process” and a lot of creates “marinating” (inside my head). I am trying to utilize content, inspiration, and connection pieces that flow along the lines of DEEPdt. It is a great excuse to have and vehicle to develop these skills with DEEPdt as a muse. 

Anyway, my latest design creation (below) has a little backstory. As I was boarding the plane to leave the Galapagos Islands (4 years ago) with the full understanding I most likely would never return again, I saw in the gift shop a quote on a t-shirt by Darwin (there is controversy as to if he really said it-oh well):

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

I had never seen this quote even though I had spent a day at the Charles Darwin Research Station, (watching Lonesome George mostly). 

This quote had and has an impact on me. “Most Adaptable to Change” is the whole point. It is not about being the strongest, the smartest, the greatest, the most popular, etc. The human races ability to adapt to change. My ability to adapt to change. That was where I had a moment of visible empathy, especially for myself…

Anyway, the backstory was not even about the impact of this quote. The backstory was I had a choice, buy the t-shirt for $30.00 or continue my quest of finding a t-shirt that was cool looking, captured the essence of my experience AND was not going to rob be blind. I was in my 3rd week in Ecuador and I had been stubborn and cheap the entire trip refusing to pay more than $15.00 bucks for a stupid ole t-shirt. So even though I truly loved the t-shirt, I stuck to my guns and refused to purchase it. The long story short, the t-shirt I got for $10.00 which on the tag said was a large, well it wasn’t a large and I never could wear it. And I can’t even tell you what was on the t-shirt…

By the way, a few days ago, I took a day trip to Asheville, NC and to mark my visit, I purchased not one, not two, but three t-shirts. Can I adapt to change? Yup, yup but even more so I can change.