Extreme By Design Documentary & Workshop

This past week I had the huge honor of attending the screening and then participating on a panel for the Extreme By Design documentary at Georgia Tech.   Here is […]

I understand….

Question:  Do you have trouble finding meaningful and dynamic problems to tackle with using design thinking?  This was a question posed to me after the Extreme by Design Screening and […]

#dtk12chat G-Hangout w/ David Kelley

The video below is the Fireside #dtk12chat w/ David Kelley from @ideo and Ellen Deutscher.  I was honored to be included in the chat and thankful to have such wonderful connections […]

ShoutOut to #dtk12chat Wednesdays 9pm EST

Here is a quick shout out to #dtk12chat Wednesday nights, 9pm EST on twitter.   So what is this #dtk12chat? “#dtk12chat is a weekly conversation about design thinking in K12 […]

What do I do? Do I just apply DT to everything?

You have a pretty good understanding of what design thinking is…  there are definitions galore (that’s a good thing): “….design thinking converts need into demand” Peter Drucker “Design Thinking is […]

DEEPdt The i.Design Lab Pix Blog

Faithful readers and viewers (me, myself, and I 🙂  I thought I would post a reminder that I also have a 2nd blog ALL related to DEEP design thinking demos […]

Instead of STEM or STEAM- Do d.TEAMSs

STEM:  Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics STEAM: Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics d.TEAMSs:   Design. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics. Science. social What is d. TEAMSs?   In its rough written form, […]

Why DEEPdt as a design thinking process?

The below post was written over a year ago. Why DEEPdt as a design thinking process? Thankfully Stanford’s d. School is extremely generous with their experiences and have an open source […]

Now What? DT Mindset I say #failup!

This morning, I was able to witness a live twitter spat right before my own eyes… Since I feel that I am pretty well versed in twitter speak and etiquette, […]