The #DEEPdt FlashLab

UPDATE as of June 9, 2016 (originally published 1/4/2015) I came across the original draft/file for what is now called DEEPdt “Flashlab”  found in MVIFI’s Playbook I co-authored with TJ […]

Challenge… Prototype Simple #DEEPdt

I was just watching #designcamp via periscope’s @misterCmaine. The prototypes were pretty interesting.  It got me wondering.  Can you prototype simple?  Meaning, is there a very simple, minuscule idea or […]

#ettsummit #DEEPdt Slide Deck

Here is my #ettsummit #DEEPdt slide deck. Please let me know if it helps and if you have any questions. (click on image) Thank you

#DEEPdt #DesignThinking Work @CDC w/ @Leaderslyceum

Snaps from two days working with CDC utilizing Design Thinking around Investing in Early Childhood. A collaborative endeavor through The Leaders Lyceum Sarah Curtis.  Love when there is an opportunity to […]

2 Reblogs via #MVCollegeRoundtable

The following are two reblogs from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School’s #MVRoundtable hosted by Pam Ambler & Erin McCubbin College Counseling #MVRoundtable: #DEEPdt Discover Mode: RTB via my picture blog, The i.Design Lab […]

Something to Hold

I am not sure how to accurately describe the below google doc.  I am sharing it because I have been asked several times, “How as a Teacher would I go about […]

Yes, and…

One of my current focuses as of late has been in Middle School.  What is interesting about this is my undergrad work is rooted in Middle School (yet not sure […]

The Pivot ( #MViseeu )

My only documentation of this moment comes in the form of post-it scribble… Oh, how I wish I had a video or photographic evidence of the Pivot… Well, lets see if […]