#DEEPdt “I See You” Challenge

There is way more to come about the #DEEPdt “I See You” Challenge, yet I want to post the below as soon as I remembered too. We are placing the DEEP design […]

Resistant to Press Reset

Ever find yourself with a group of designers stuck, mired, and resistant to move away from a solution?  As Pinya points out very accurately in her blog post, Pitch a Story, […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Stop Light

Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine: Red Light, Green Light of Truth— Which I reference as Stop Light. I saw the power of this routine when Shelley Clifford utilized it in […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Question Sorts Poster

Visible Thinking Routine: Question Sorts (poster is below DoL) First used this Visible Thinking Routine from Harvard’s Project Zero last year in the DEEPdt Spacebox Challenge. It was extremely powerful […]

Visible Thinking Routines: Question Starts Poster

Visible Thinking Routine: Question Starts I discovered this VTR during the DEEPdt Spacebox Challenge with 2nd graders at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. Students were prepping for needfinding and were struggling with […]

#DEEPdt (i)gnite… laying the groundwork

This morning I had the opportunity to talk with Mount Vernon Presbyterian‘s Innovation Diploma cohort. The reason for the talk was to give a “crisp” and “succinct” share of MVIFI’s […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Color Symbol Image Poster

Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine: Color Symbol Image  Can be utilized in Discover and Empathize mode.  This a great routine that students can create individually and share.  This particular […]

#DEEPdt (i)gnite Workshop

Next week, Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s Center for Design Thinking is conducting a two day workshop with the Center for Disease Control.  Through HHS Ignite Pathway  three teams have identified health […]

#FUSE14 Vine Videos

Just one (of many take aways) from #FUSE14 is the capture power of a Vine Video.  6 seconds captures so much. Below are my #FUSE14 Vine Videos.   My most […]

#sxswedu VINES of #DEEPdt 4 EdTech

Sideways Brainstorming Experiment Mode #DEEPdt #sxswedu Sideways Prototyping Experiment Mode #dtk12chat #sxswedu Prototyping In Experiment mode #DEEPdt #dtk12chat #sxswedu

DEEPdt The i.Design Lab Pix Blog

Faithful readers and viewers (me, myself, and I 🙂  I thought I would post a reminder that I also have a 2nd blog ALL related to DEEP design thinking demos […]