Origins of #designthinking Challenges

I have been marinating on an idea that got sparked when I was walking in a public “educational & touristy” space last week.  Fast forward to now, I have a […]

#DEEPdt Don’t Start With Empathy…

What a way to draw your attention, right?  “Don’t start with empathy.”  If you know me at all via RL, SM, or hearsay, then you know that for me design […]

#DEEPdt Challenges via Tweets (w/ breadcrumps)

These tweets provide great Discover points to launch into a design challenge for Admin., teachers, &/or students.  It is a Discover point that will get you started, it will be […]

#DEEPdt Challenges 2 Tackle #2

This is a reoccurring Post series of possible #DEEPdt challenges snagged from twitter Headlines. These tweets provide great Discover points to launch into a design challenge for Admin., teachers, &/or students.  It is […]

NEW #DEEPdt Rapid-Cycle Challenge Pocket-Guide

This is a placeholder post for the #DEEPdt Rapid-Cycle Challenge Pocket-Guide. It’s new. It’s faster, lighter than using all of those awesome DEEPdt Learning MEANS (yet, still use them  as they are […]

Ebb N Flow of #DEEPdt: divergent & convergent thinking

What type of thinker are you? Creative Thinker? Logical Thinker? Abstract Thinker? Visual Thinker? Systems Thinker? Associative Thinker? Organized Thinker? Intuitive Thinker? It seems there are a lot of different […]

Discover Mode (where, what, or who) #DEEPdt

For me design thinking is a human-centered approach to learning, creating, and doing through EMPATHY. When I created and designed DEEP design thinking (© May 2010), my foundation & inspiration […]

Reblog: Via @susiewise @edutopia DT in EDU

I am so happy to reblog this article, Design Thinking in Education: Empathy, Challenge, Discovery, and Sharing by Susie Wise, Director of Stanford’s d.School K12Lab via Edutopia.  My sincere appreciation and […]

Visible Thinking Routines Visualized #DEEPdt

Over the years I have created handouts to help me visualize Making Thinking Visible: Visible Thinking Routines (via Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison & Harvard’s Project Zero) In 2013, I […]

Which comes 1st The Problem or The User?

I hope this is a quick reflective post…  However, I tend to write as I speak in tangents, flowery (as my 7th grade teacher Mrs. Heyburn once commented), and I […]

#DEEPdt Resource Doc.

Inspired by convo between @kjarrett & @lndeutsch I’m posting a running #DEEPdt Resource Doc 4 #designthinking  in the K12+ Arena. I will try to update this doc as standout resources cross my path.

#DEEPdt My Choice of Surfaces…

For roughly 4 1/2 years, I created and developed the methodology, terminology, and the mess of the process of #DEEPdt. During this time, my designers (students) & I pretty much used […]