#DEEPdt Resource Doc.

Inspired by convo between @kjarrett & @lndeutsch I’m posting a running #DEEPdt Resource Doc 4 #designthinking  in the K12+ Arena. I will try to update this doc as standout resources cross my path.

#DEEPdt My Choice of Surfaces…

For roughly 4 1/2 years, I created and developed the methodology, terminology, and the mess of the process of #DEEPdt. During this time, my designers (students) & I pretty much used […]

Creative Commons of #DEEPdt

Sharing the DEEPdt methodology and its mindsets have been at the core of my work since I began designing DEEPdt in May of 2010. Afterall at its inception, DEEP design […]

Designing Visuals of DEEPdt

I have spoken before on the DEEP design thinking site of my desire to create a brand, logo, and/or images that to me shares the depth of this methodology and approach of design […]

#DEEPdt challenges @TCS_Atlanta + Resources

Over the last two days I have had the opportunity to work with parents and faculty of Atlanta’s premiere progressive PreK6 school, The Childrens School. The Head of School, Nishant […]

10 Minute Snapshot of ‘Da Skillz…

During a workshop I co-led with Shelley Paul called #GWAY4d 5Chairs + Circuit Town this past April, I took about 10 minutes to observe the action with a lens of what skills […]

#EAinnovates Preview with #DEEPdt

On Sunday, I leave for the 2nd annual #EAinnvates where I will co-lead with Maggie Powers & Jim Tiffin once again in a 4-day DEEP design thinking & #makerED experience. […]

My Jungle Gym for today…

In May, I posted a pretty daring yet honest writing concerning my present and hopeful future state of employment in education and my work in design thinking.  I titled the […]

#DEEPdt Challenge Mapper

As time has gone by and the more I practice DEEP design thinking, creating or identifying moments to infuse design thinking into learning and instruction opportunities becomes easier and easier. […]

The Mindsets of DEEP design thinking

The first time I ever heard about “mindsets” and/or utilizing them around something was when I was at Stanford University’s d.School for the vey first time in July of 2011.  I remember […]

I’m Seeking a New Playground…

Originally published May 3, 2015 Five weeks ago, I made the difficult decision to resign from my much-loved post as Mount Vernon Presbyterian School teacher-learner and as the MVPS Institute for […]

#DEEPdt: Modes—>Methods—>Means

The DEEP design thinking process is designed in the following way:  Modes—-> methods—–> means. MODES: Discover, Empathize, Experiment, & Produce METHODS: are the moments/touchpoints within the Modes, such as Needfinding, Unpack, Synthesis, […]

DEEPdt LOGO: Design Concept Unraveled

(This post was written April 2015, links updated) In my never ending quest to settle on a design scheme/logo/”brand” for DEEPdt, I went back to the drawing board (literally). The Stanford […]

DEEPdt on steroids: DEEP, DEEPr, DEEPed

The crafting, practicing, designing, and iteration of DEEP design thinking officially crosses its sixth year this May.  After running a six week Stanford University’s d.School design thinking challenge pilot with […]

New Means for #DEEPdt

We have the DEEPdt Playbook/FlashLab.  Inside this book are a plethora of tools that guide designers through rapid cycles, iterations, and/or full scale DEEPdt challenges. In my practice of DEEPdt, […]

What’s Stopping You?

“What’s stopping you?” Several mornings ago I had an interaction with a fellow educator where I asked the question, “What’s stopping you?” We were discussing the “whys” around classroom environment and […]

Six Sketchy Sircles Latest tool for #DEEPdt

The Six Sketchy Sircles tool is designed for flow (flare) moments during the process. Think of it as a way to jolt your brain into sparking, sputtering, and spitting out ideas visually […]

Soft Skills…more like ‘Da Skillz

I came across Jackie Gerstein‘s blog User Generated Education while researching “soft” skills the other day. The post, The Other 21st Century Skills: Why Teach Them is chock full goodies if you are interested […]

Headlines Visible Thinking Routine

via Harvard’s Project Zero & Making Thinking Visible comes Headlines.  This visible thinking routine is a go to of mine throughout the #DEEPdt process.  There are so many moments where a […]