#Whatif schools encouraged teachers to utilize new methodologies and created pathways for innovation all the while providing them air cover?   In prepping for a 2 day #DEEPdt (i)gnite  workshop  this past […]

The Flight Plan for #FUSE15 Coaches

Below is the Flight Plan for the #FUSE15 #DEEPdt Coaches of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. In addition to their everyday practice of #DEEPdt infusion in their learning and instruction, the […]

#DEEPdt Range Finder Tool + Learning Progressions

In the #DEEPdt Co/Lab Challenge, our students are letting their Curiosities and Passions Drive Their Learning.  You can see more of the work HERE and HERE.  During the #NAISac Teachers in […]

The Question To Keep Asking…

Last night, I caught a tweet from Robert Schuetz: @JimTiffinJr HT @robert_schuetz: A3.1 @djakes asked a key Q “What experiences do you want 4 your Ss?” The answer guides the […]

Re-defining DEEPdt Design Thinking (sort of)

On Jan. 7, the #dtk12chat was: Defining & Re-Defining Design Thinking K12 New to DT?  Develop your understanding or the basics.  Experienced with DT?  How might our experiences with DT K12 […]

Prepping for Field Work Tools

Our 6th graders are prepping for going out to the field to interact with possible Users for their Greenworks Challenge next week. A few tools they are currently utilizing in […]

If You View a Dragon as…

I wrote the below in an email this morning and 99% percent of it is true. “We love feedback (yes even I do now as I was once a person […]

An A-Ha Moment: Practice vs Class

In a conversation this past Tuesday with Jill Gough, she made me connect/compare my collegiate basketball practice to a class period.   I played ball at two colleges and it was […]

Nobody Puts DT in The Box

The post below was written somewhere between Nov. 28 -Now.  Processing takes time to Brew This post is connected to two previous posts, a rich and thoughtful discussion, and an […]

A Riff & Ramble on HMW…

Last night I thankfully caught a few tweets between some awesome K12dters Down Under… Philippa N Antipas  Steve Mouldy 1st Follower Reading the tweets and also sharing a couple thoughts with Philippa […]

Discover Points

In passing convos #DEEPdt Discover Pts Initiated: Redesign Fall Festival, MilkCartons, Taking a Stand-Styrofoam. I See U Challenge #dtk12chat — Mary Cantwell (@scitechyEDU) In DEEPdt, the Discover mode is an […]