Infusion to be better (maybe)

A comment recently passed by me that has made me pause, reflect, and try to understand how I can do better…  I am confronted with things all over the place, […]

Moments of Visible Empathy

I thought I would share some thoughts on this concept called MoVe. MoVe stands for Moments of Visible Empathy. In the DEEPdt methodology, MoVes are ever present and key to […]

VTR: Sentence Phrase Word (SPW) Poster

The visible thinking routine Sentence Phrase Word via Harvard’s Project Zer0 & Making Thinking Visible is a pretty powerful tool designers can utilize during a DEEPdt.  How many moments has a word, […]

VTR: Options Explosion Poster

This visible thinking routine from Project Harvard, Options Explosion is a useful routine for work in Discover and Experiment Mode of DEEPdt.  The design of the poster is a little busy […]

Trust the Process…Not the Moment

Trust the Process… Not the Moment.  I have had to remind myself of this phrase a little more than I would like too lately.  The reminder is not because I […]

d.School Curriculum Summit Pics #2 Day 1

d.School Day 1: arrival—> improv—> inspiration talk—>breakout sessions—>PowerHour [cycloneslider id=”d-school-curriculum-summit-pics-2-of-4-day-1″]

d.School Curriculum Summit Trip Pics #1 of 4

Palo Alto—-> Corrine Okado Takara —–> Las Altos——> Edsurge ——> Dinner w/ David Kelley [cycloneslider id=”d-school-curriculum-summit-pics-1-of-4-slideshow”]

dt.Beacons + #dtk12chat

As d.TEAMSs is still percolating inside my head yet can be found in several areas of my PLC and school environment, I have started brewing another idea. The idea is called dt.BEACONS. […]

Resistant to Press Reset

Ever find yourself with a group of designers stuck, mired, and resistant to move away from a solution?  As Pinya points out very accurately in her blog post, Pitch a Story, […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Compass Points Poster

Visible Thinking Routine: Compass Points (can be utilized during Experiment Mode) “In DEEPdt, visible thinking is a game changer. Thankfully, Harvard’s Project Zero has created some pretty awesome routines that […]

“immune to assessment”

At #EAinnovates, @jimtiffinjr shared his Philosophy on Making. Jim attributed influence from the book Invent to Learn by Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager. Utilizing Invent to Learn, Jim shared what makes […]

Twitter Convo abt Assessment Teaser Post

Due to a thoughtful tweet by Grant Lichtman a few moments ago, I am encouraged to post a follow up to my assessment teaser post. @GrantLichtman @jgough Thanks Grant… I gotta post […]