…the 4th Word

This is a quick post…   It is all about the 4th word.   The 4th word that comes after the following: How Might We… The 4th word to me […]

Produce Mode and…

In the Produce mode, designers take their ideas and solutions back to their users for testing and gather feedback to apply when they return to the Experiment mode for iterations. […]

#DEEPdt…is a mess. (ow, harsh)

  The flow of DEEPdt is a mess. A mess of possibilities. A mess of pauses. A mess of retreats, resets, and big gulps. The flow of DEEPdt is designed […]

Design + Thinking= Nothing

I have observed and experienced that unless there is a finished product, there are people out there who think the design thinking methodology is for naught.   I have also heard […]

Iteration, Iteration, Iteration (& repeat)

Iteration, Iteration, Iteration. In DEEPdt, solutions are never perfect, nor do they ever stop evolving (unless we walk away from the user).   Iteration allows for opportunity to dig DEEPer and […]

While in Experiment Mode…

Do Not fall in love with your solution. Prototype to learn and create, not to solve. This is your team’s time to go 30,000 feet into the clouds—- generation, ideation, […]

A Setup For a Gaining Understanding- thanks Grey’s

In the  episode, “She’s Killing Me.”  via Grey’s Anatomy there is a B storyline that demonstrates so much of the impact of the approach to design thinking.  The clip below hopefully will […]

Rose, Thorn, Bud Technique

This post is only made possible by Lisa Palmieri aka @learn21tech   For at least the last year (that I have noticed anyway), Lisa has tweeted at various times her use […]

failure…ruh roh

I am outing myself as an uber fan of Grey’s Anatomy.  And, I love the voiceovers Meredith does in the opening and closing of the episodes because the imagery and […]

Why Design Thinking? …Empathy

(This blog post was originally posted Dec. 16, 2013. I had taken it offline because it got stuck on my slider on the top of my site. Here’s hoping it […]

We R trying An insight in…

This week, I had the opportunity to visit Atlanta’s The Children’s School to participate in a talk Tamara Weinstein, TCS’s Educational Technology Specialist, conducts with 3rd graders called, “Success Stories” .  This […]

Extreme By Design Documentary & Workshop

This past week I had the huge honor of attending the screening and then participating on a panel for the Extreme By Design documentary at Georgia Tech.   Here is […]

I understand….

Question:  Do you have trouble finding meaningful and dynamic problems to tackle with using design thinking?  This was a question posed to me after the Extreme by Design Screening and […]