I’m Seeking a New Playground…

Originally published May 3, 2015 Five weeks ago, I made the difficult decision to resign from my much-loved post as Mount Vernon Presbyterian School teacher-learner and as the MVPS Institute for […]

#DEEPdt: Modes—>Methods—>Means

The DEEP design thinking process is designed in the following way:  Modes—-> methods—–> means. MODES: Discover, Empathize, Experiment, & Produce METHODS: are the moments/touchpoints within the Modes, such as Needfinding, Unpack, Synthesis, […]

New Means for #DEEPdt

We have the DEEPdt Playbook/FlashLab.  Inside this book are a plethora of tools that guide designers through rapid cycles, iterations, and/or full scale DEEPdt challenges. In my practice of DEEPdt, […]

Six Sketchy Sircles Latest tool for #DEEPdt

The Six Sketchy Sircles tool is designed for flow (flare) moments during the process. Think of it as a way to jolt your brain into sparking, sputtering, and spitting out ideas visually […]

Headlines Visible Thinking Routine

via Harvard’s Project Zero & Making Thinking Visible comes Headlines.  This visible thinking routine is a go to of mine throughout the #DEEPdt process.  There are so many moments where a […]


#Whatif schools encouraged teachers to utilize new methodologies and created pathways for innovation all the while providing them air cover?   In prepping for a 2 day #DEEPdt (i)gnite  workshop  this past […]

The Question To Keep Asking…

Last night, I caught a tweet from Robert Schuetz: @JimTiffinJr HT @robert_schuetz: A3.1 @djakes asked a key Q “What experiences do you want 4 your Ss?” The answer guides the […]

d’s interview 5

Working with 6th graders in interview prep, formulating questions on the fly, and most importantly creating awareness by the designer of Moments of Visible Empathy with their Users, I developed […]

Repost of My Article: Let the Light in & Prototype

Let the Light In and Prototype (Originally posted in @leadanddesign newsletter) Mary Cantwell, Educator, DEEP Design Thinker The American Heritage definition of prototype is “a first, typical or preliminary model of something from […]

2015 Starts Now

The first day of school for me begins tomorrow.   With two weeks off I intentionally steered clear of all things MVPS. Email is turned off until tomorrow so there’s […]

The SPIRAL: DT= Human-Centered

In my ever loving quest to find the design/image that visualizes DEEP design thinking, I continue to come back to the spiral. The ebb and flow of DEEP design thinking […]

Working on New Design Concepts 4 #DEEPdt

Dabbling with Photoshop/Illustrator… hoping to settle into a style & content design…  I tend to flare a bit when it comes to things like this…  Time to focus….

Infusion to be better (maybe)

A comment recently passed by me that has made me pause, reflect, and try to understand how I can do better…  I am confronted with things all over the place, […]

VTR: Options Explosion Poster

This visible thinking routine from Project Harvard, Options Explosion is a useful routine for work in Discover and Experiment Mode of DEEPdt.  The design of the poster is a little busy […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Stop Light

Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine: Red Light, Green Light of Truth— Which I reference as Stop Light. I saw the power of this routine when Shelley Clifford utilized it in […]