Visible Thinking Routine: Question Sorts Poster

Visible Thinking Routine: Question Sorts (poster is below DoL) First used this Visible Thinking Routine from Harvard’s Project Zero last year in the DEEPdt Spacebox Challenge. It was extremely powerful […]

Visible Thinking Routines: Question Starts Poster

Visible Thinking Routine: Question Starts I discovered this VTR during the DEEPdt Spacebox Challenge with 2nd graders at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. Students were prepping for needfinding and were struggling with […]

Visible Thinking Routine: Color Symbol Image Poster

Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine: Color Symbol Image  Can be utilized in Discover and Empathize mode.  This a great routine that students can create individually and share.  This particular […]

Visible Thinking Routines: TPS & 3-2-1 Bridge Posters

Harvard’s Project Zero: Visible Thinking Routine: Think Pair Share A routine that can be utilized in collaborative groups for interview prep, prior to brainstorming, and also during feedback moments.   Visible […]

Another Poster Post…. Darwin Quote

Just a heads up: I am working on developing my Illustrator, Photoshop, & InDesign mad design skillz… I have a few creations “in process” and a lot of creates “marinating” (inside […]

…the 4th Word

This is a quick post…   It is all about the 4th word.   The 4th word that comes after the following: How Might We… The 4th word to me […]

Realizing Empathy Vid reblog @seungchan

Taking this Friday morning for some Empathy Recon and I found this gem… I Love the reminder of info centered & human-centered… What are your modes of operation?  I am […]

Snaps of the 2-Day #aK12DC Design Summit

The past two days I have had the opportunity to participate in a 2-Day Design Summit by The Atlanta K12 Design Challenge in downtown Atlanta.  It was an honor to […]

Oh I’ve Got Questions…

(A word of caution to anyone who may thankfully read this post or visit this site for #DEEPdt surprises–After writing this post, I can’t seem to pull it together for […]

Rose, Thorn, Bud Technique

This post is only made possible by Lisa Palmieri aka @learn21tech   For at least the last year (that I have noticed anyway), Lisa has tweeted at various times her use […]