I was just watching #designcamp via periscope’s @misterCmaine. The prototypes were pretty interesting.  It got me wondering.  Can you prototype simple?  Meaning, is there a very simple, minuscule idea or thing you can prototype and put into action on Monday morning?  The thing is I bet you will already be doing this but it is not being named a prototype or its even a conscious decision on your part.

This morning (btw I am a very NEW SAHM while I pick and choose certain EDU gigs), I woke up and knew I needed to create a new seating area for my 9 month old as our morning routine changed because it’s Saturday (b4 & after photos are below in all their “pretty” glory). The baby is moving and grooving a lot yet he still needs a place to drink his milk that is not in my arms or on the ground, maybe I’ll just get him a stroller from the babystroller-reviews. I went to bed last night with our spaces baby proofed and designed for well, space, interaction, multiple uses, and areas for big people and dogs.  Yet, I find myself routinely waking up and redesigning the spaces based off the needs of my little User, four legged friends, and the big people.  Seriously, every day and sometimes multiple times a day the spaces get reconfigured. Why? Because as much as they say babies learn, I am learning about this small human in so many ways each and every moment. 

If you can get in the mindset that everything is a prototype, it will allow for desks, chairs, even kids, to move more easily, freely, and often in your classroom. Trust me. Nothing should ever be fixed in space.  If you treat your lesson plans, units of studies, assessments, hard copy handouts, as prototypes they too will be more easily rewritten, tweaked, chucked, forgotten, and/or go more in depth in study. 

Keeping the end user in mind as a teacher makes you a design thinker. Practice the mindsets of design thinking. Let the following mantras ring in your ears as you approach your learning spaces, your learners, and yourself. 

Everything is a prototype.

Perfection is never the goal.

Stay in iteration mode.


There is always tomorrow.