This is a reoccurring Post series of possible #DEEPdt challenges snagged from twitter Headlines. These tweets provide great Discover points to launch into a design challenge for Admin., teachers, &/or students. 

It is a Discover point that will get you started, it will be Users that lead you to insight, creative problem solving, and most importantly empathy for another.

Week #1 Possible #DEEPdt Challenges can be found HERE

The following tweets were collected Friday night and Saturday (still not happy with embedding options).  I thought this week I would try to organize them under the following Designer Sets (Teachers, Administration, Students, ALL).

These Discover points are for the Designer to launch into a DEEP design thinking challenge. Discover points bring some context and framing to the challenge. It also gives rise for the designers to seek Users to take them towards greater understanding and needfinding. 



— Kat Mattimoe (@Kashabartique) August 6, 2016