Over the last two days I have had the opportunity to work with parents and faculty of Atlanta’s premiere progressive PreK6 school, The Childrens School. The Head of School, Nishant Mehta leads this organization in such a transparent, forward thinking, and servant-first fashion. The two DEEP design thinking challenges revolve around committee-life among the faculty and TCS’s spring Auction for the whole community. You can find snapshot of the two days HERE.

I have relished this opportunity and experience immensely.  And knowing that this work and learning does not end when the bell rings is inspiring and grounding at the same time. I can’t wait for more! Yesterday I found myself saying, “I have done challenges like this often. Yet, during this experience I kept thinking, Nishant is going to stop their action, thwart their direction, or nod “that’s good’ but already have the solution designed and ready.”  I was told that that doesn’t happen at TCS.  When Nishant asks for his team to find solutions to needs of the community, he means it and values their input and offerings.

Real design thinking work involves going into challenges without preconceived notions, strings, or already designed out solutions.  Going through the motions, to go through the motions is not authentic and human-centered.  I wonder how many schools design for the masses behind closed doors? Or ask teachers to solve problems but already “think” they have the solution?  What if they tried it a different way? 

Oh, by the way I have attached some of the #DEEPdt Widgets we utilized these last two days…. 

DEEPdt TCS Team Leads