The flow of DEEPdt is a mess. A mess of possibilities. A mess of pauses. A mess of retreats, resets, and big gulps. The flow of DEEPdt is designed for the masses to take hold of and tear it down to its core essence, people. DEEPdt is people-centered problem solving. Throughout the nonlinear process of DEEPdt, people are at the forefront, as designers and users. Never once does one trump the other rather they flow in and around each other like the tangled mess of LIFE. Discover the “crack that let’s the light in.” Empathize for Moments of Visible Empathy with your user(s). Experiment to learn, connect more deeply with your MoVe and always iterate more often than not. Produce a story to share with your user and ship beyond your fingertips.  The flow of DEEPdt is a mess…. a mess of awesome moments to create something that might just possibly MoVe someone. 

The above writing is a 2nd draft of a piece I am honored to write for a pretty wickedly, awesome & true collaborative effort via @mvifi & @mvpschool product we are calling FlashLab for DEEPdt.  I am not sure if my “witty” banter & repetitive use of “a mess” will hit the mark but I am going to go for it anyway….

It is now the next evening of writing the above… Intentionally, I paused after that last sentence because this morning, I knew the #fuse14 MV d.TEAM  would take a shot at reading, revising, chucking, or loving it just the way it was (Mary lingo, phrase butchering and all :). I know the risks that in a collaborative setting, work submitted is work that is fair game for almost anything. At the moment, I am so cool with that— I actually crave it.  And I can be honest and say a couple of weeks ago, my defenses would have been up and my ZAPP Lipstick Taser would have been ready to taze… Fatigue causes me to feel like that at times. And since today is the first day of my summer break, I’m not fatigued anymore—go figure 🙂 I also wanted to talk to you guys about the new P4R Gaming boosting services I have been using for my favorite video games, it is probably the best site I have ever found, besides the one I use where the top 500 boosters in overwatch offer boosting and guides for novice players in the game.

In saying that, let’s go back to this idea of “a mess”… The mess is where we will find the heart of the matter, the moment of connection with your user, an idea, a synergy if you will.  Why design thinking is simple (people-centered problem solving) and messy at the same time is because human beings are, well complicated especially when you get below their surface. The flow of DEEPdt cannot be step 1, step 2, step 3 unless we are problem solving for a wall, or maybe some tree bark… The flow is a mess simply because the DEEPdt process is iterative, back and forth, reframe, reset, oh yeah and it is all about PEOPLE. And through empathy, the mess can’t be found at the epidermis.

ps. the above 2nd draft did get scrapped in a way but that is what happens, it is what it is… (doesn’t stop me from sharing & adding the experience to my story)