The DEEP design thinking process is designed in the following way:  Modes—-> methods—–> means.

MODES: Discover, Empathize, Experiment, & Produce

METHODS: are the moments/touchpoints within the Modes, such as Needfinding, Unpack, Synthesis, Point of View, How Might We, Brainstorming, Iterating, Storytell.

MEANS: The exercises, techniques, or tools of DEEPdt  There is no “step one” nor “start here to begin” when it comes to DEEPdt. DEEPdt is a nonlinear, fluid, and start where you are type of methodology. I have written here before on the way I see the process….as a Mess, an Amoeba, and visually and physically as a Spiral .

The key to it all is designing with an empathetic posture.  So in keeping with that point, I created an approach to help designers narrow.  I am a flare kinda gal so when it comes to narrowing my techniques tend to rub others the wrong way… Ok, 1,2,3, point, let’s go.  I love the d.School’s mindset of “Bias towards Action” as it matches my comfortability of shipping an idea before every single angle is put under the microscope.  Let’s do it already.  Well, being mindful of others a few weeks ago I created a dart board approach to narrowing the flare. I have been able to test this approach with 5 6th grade Math Blocks, a group of #FUSE15 coaches at MoDa (see pics below), and a few other times in conversation. Some iterations have been applied mainly in facilitation vs approach. I wrote about the Dart Board in a previous blog post which fleshes out the idea a bit more.  

For now its the design I have been working on…Enjoy.

I plan to unleash quite a few in the near future…stay tuned