The crafting, practicing, designing, and iteration of DEEP design thinking officially crosses its sixth year this May.  After running a six week Stanford University’s d.School design thinking challenge pilot with 4th graders at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School redesigning a 21st century classroom, there was no question the need, impact, and value of this approach to learning was a must to dive DEEP. At this time the d.School was utilizing the Understand, Observe, Point of View, Ideate, Prototype, Test process.  In order to be able to teach, learn, and do design thinking I knew I needed to adapt this process so as to be used by all USERS.

Thus DEEP design thinking was created with the roots and inspiration via the above d.School process of 2010 and the d.School.  Over the last six years, DEEP methos have been crafted, honed, iterated, practiced, and expanded by doing DEEP. DEEP design thinking is expanding yet again.  What does this mean? Well, I guess the chance for more common language understanding and different point of view uses.

So DEEPdt on steroids looks a little like this (again this is a WIP (work in progress) more to come later): DEEP, DEEPr, DEEPed.