The start of the school year is right around the corner and this will be my second year sitting on the sidelines instead of jumping into the fray of every day teaching. Last year was out of necessity yet this year it is because of motherhood. After 12 years, I luckily became a mother and not being tethered to a school is making all the difference.  I will spend this school year with diapers, cooing, learning all I can about infants YET I will still have the freedom and opportunities to work with educators, schools, and organizations around design and design thinking… Open for business!

However, if I was going back to the classroom, I know exactly what my first DEEPdt design challenge would be… I call it the #DEEPdt After “school” Hours Challenge.  In this blog post I will attempt to plan out the challenge for those who may be interested in such challenge. It is a prototype (which means no worries about perfection and being complete).

Please note:  there will be gaps to this plan simply because I am designing it for me in a way. I actually would not be so detailed if and when I use this challenge.  I tend to let challenges play out more organically yet I am trying to empathize with those who actually might want to try this challenge. Also, for assessment purposes I would utilize #LL2LU Learning Progressions (thanks to Jill Gough for your guidance and shares).  Here are some sample #DEEPdt Learning Progressions