In passing convos #DEEPdt Discover Pts Initiated: Redesign Fall Festival, MilkCartons, Taking a Stand-Styrofoam. I See U Challenge #dtk12chat

— Mary Cantwell (@scitechyEDU)

In DEEPdt, the Discover mode is an obvious and useful starting point to a design thinking challenge.  I believe it is one of the best entry points for students and teachers to find a way to tackle an issue, problem, need, and/or uncover something not obvious or even possible.  When it comes to starting a DEEP design thinking challenge, for me one just needs to start and follow paths.   In my opinion, all paths lead somewhere and their learning potential all have value, import, and possible launching pads to other pathways.    The above tweet stemmed from a total of ten minutes of conversation with about 11 different people who some were in different spaces.  Discover points, launching pads, opportunities for change, and of course my favorite, cracks can start designers on a course that most surely will lead them to an unknown and unimagined outcome…

I hope a conversation this week will be a discover point for you but more importantly for both you and your students.  In ten minutes imagine what listening and conversing with others might just ignite.