I was driving to school (work) this morning and I heard this song by the Zac Brown Band…  The line,

“Don’t be fallin’ in Love as She’s walkin’ away…” just hit me.

I am often reminded and I also remind others, “Don’t fall in love with your design/solution/idea…. fall in love with your User.”   All to often organizations/teams/ brands run away with an idea or concept or “fad” and forget about their User. After all, so much time has already past or been used.     

What was most impactful about this line from Zac Brown Band is the fact that sometimes it becomes too late to go back to your User once the bus has left the building.  As a design thinker, if the User does not stay in the forefront but instead is sacrificed because of this or that or politics or the greater good or the vision or the agenda or the emperor with no clothes on, the User will start walking away and it may just be too late to stop the train. 

When it stops being about The Who…find the nearest exit (however, designers you always have the reset option).