As d.TEAMSs is still percolating inside my head yet can be found in several areas of my PLC and school environment, I have started brewing another idea. The idea is called dt.BEACONS.  This Wednesday, Sept.10 at 9pm EST Season 2 of #dtK12chat premiers. The topic is HWW…CRUSH #dtk12chat community & be dt.BEACONS for each other throughout the school year?

This morning I wrote a way too long email to the #dtk12chat Mods and out of no where riffed on this idea of dt.BEACONS. I originally wrote the topic for the premier of season 2 of #dtk12chat after spending time at Episcopal Academy co-facilitating a DEEPdt + MakerEd 4 day workshop with Maggie Powers and Jim Tiffin. During this workshop we took a Discover trip to the King of Prussia Mall. One of our stops was the Apple store and we were given an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Briefing Room. (Photos are below) It was here I learned of i.Beacons. And something just clicked.  My first thought was I want my school (Mount Vernon Presbyterian School) to have i.Beacons- what that means could be physical beacons but also people beacons…

Well, that is what led me to the topic at had for Season 2 premier of #dtk12chat HWW…CRUSH #dtk12chat community & be dt.BEACONS for each other throughout the school year?  The CRUSH aspect to the chat is still marinating inside my head. I can say that I want “CRUSH” to be the new “drop the mike”. 

So back to my very long email I wrote, below is the copy + paste of the excerpt relating to dt.BEACONS:

Circle the Wagons
If you happen to still be reading this email.  Season 2 Launches Sept. 10, 9pm EST The topic:
HWW…CRUSH #dtk12chat community & be dt.BEACONS for each other throughout the school year? 
At the moment, I am working on what this means in my head, yet the dt.BEACONS aspect I think I have a grasp on the idea (I feel a blog post brainstorm). 
 To me the #dtk12chat community (Mods & ALL) are dt.Beacons and #dtk12chat is a 24/7 active beacon for all who stumble into the community.  We are there for each other as dt. beacons: 
  • for navigation in the choppy waters of EDU/Life/dt, 
  • As a communication pathway to share ideas, needs, connections, support, etc, 
  • as a beam of light to bring attention, highlight others & to let others know we are here, As well as connect others to opportunities/events/people
  • as an access point to grow this #dtk12chat community and increase the infusion of DT in Education and Life,

and finally, a dt.Beacon 

  • a safe harbor to seek understanding, empathy, and be curious… d.TEAMSs unite 🙂

This is something I should have added to the email.  The thing about design thinking: the mindset, the process, the methodologies we utilize… Well, of all the Methos, Pedagogical approaches, the “experts required” approaches to learning, to me design thinking is the most accessible, affordable, adaptable, and well NO EXPERTS needed approach to learning. Shifting your mindset costs only your time and FailUp moments. And to practice design thinking, all you need are Users and Empathy. As dt.BEACONS, we have the opportunity to let others know that they don’t need Parachute Jumpers, Grenade Throwers, Cloud Talkers, or Speech Makers to bring design thinking to their community… It is already there and well, dt.BEACONS are all around you… Oh I could go on and on about this but I don’t want to be a Stump Stander… See you all on Wednesday, 9pm EST #dtk12chat (did I mention it’s the Season 2 premier of dtk12chat 🙂