MEANS (resources)

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 #DEEPdt MEANS (Updated as of 1/27/16): tools to utilize for facilitation and doing of DEEP design thinking challenges 

#Deepdt Learning MEANS by MarySharpCantwell on Scribd

DEEPdt Einstein140_Experiment Solution bait

DeePdt mindsetsWhite
DEEPdt affinity chunking-40

DEEPdt tool6-28

DEEPdt launch-30

DEEPdt empathy map-11

DEEPdt chewthecud_Discover Board
DEEPdt LWW-36DEEPdt define POV-27

DEEPdt spineit-35

DEEPdt convopath-38 DEEPdt flesh the Qs-25 DEEPdt Q prompts-24 DEEPdt retell-39

DEEPdt protoypebuild-23 DEEPdt POV:HMW-12 DEEPdt HMW 4thword-22 DEEPdt FEEDBACK-24 DEEPdt brainstomin-12Empathize StartwWhy_Empathize Start with Why
BrainSolo-07 dart board-04 DEEPdt 4dubyas_Empathize 4 dubyas DEEPdt Needs Madlib-14 sketchycircles-01 who dat-05 DEEPed

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