Thankful Trey Boden was able to send me my MoVe Talk from MVIFI’s FUSE14 event last summer before my time at Mount Vernon concludes.

Last fall, I wrote a bit about this talk on Moments of Visible Empathy of Self here on DEEP design thinking. After watching this talk for the first time yesterday, I am not sure which order you may or may not want to view it.  I appreciate the words Bo Adams shares about me in the intro and will take them with me as I seek new playgrounds to play.  One more thing… if I have learned anything since the time I stood in the “arena” as Dr. Jacobsen likes to call it, it is this: “It is the many moments I will miss and not the show.”  

“Really, what is a legacy?…Its the 1,000 moments every day where you touch people even when you didn’t know you were.”

The Middle