People-Centered, You Gotta Slow Down To See ‘Em

I have been working through a lot of “stuff, good stuff” when it comes to design thinking and my practice of DEEPdt. People say write your thoughts and ideas down, ge’em down on paper… I think they might be on to something yet the moment the thoughts trickle down onto a surface outside my brain, they dry up. What I have been trusting lately is that the thoughts that tend to stick around and possibly get put into action are the ones that were always going to get there. And, its with all the other minutia that was needed that let the creams rise to the top….

Anyway, long story somewhat short. The image below was a picture I took when I was in NYC roughly 2+ years ago. I had just left The Plaza and was headed to trek all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge with a pal of mine. Well, I had to stop and snap this scene. What a visual reminder to me about being People-Centered and Slowing down to see ’em… even if it means you might get mowed over…

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.06.50 PM