This is a reoccurring Post series of possible #DEEPdt challenges snagged from twitter Headlines. These tweets provide great Discover points to launch into a design challenge for Admin., teachers, &/or students. 

It is a Discover point that will get you started, it will be Users that lead you to insight, creative problem solving, and most importantly empathy for another. 

ps. I could have added many more tweets to this post as I snagged these tweet headlines in less than 45 mins. and only from my Home feed.  I guarantee if you go to your Home feed or News feed, Discover Points to launch into a design thinking challenge will be overwhelming… I hope you consider diving DEEP!

Gr8 DiscoverPoint 4 Ts 2 launch w/ Ss a #designthinking challenge How does school make you feel? #dtk12chat #DEEPdt Mary Cantwell added,
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A significant number of Ss reported feeling anxiety or depression during the school year, in a recent survey.

A gr8 Discover point 2 launch a challenge 4 Ss 2 gain understanding abt the Why  

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Gr8 Discover point 2 launch into a challenge 4 Ts & Ss 2 understand personalities

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