In the Produce mode, designers take their ideas and solutions back to their users for testing and gather feedback to apply when they return to the Experiment mode for iterations. Have your users absorb your ideas and/or test (experience) your solutions.  Help them step into your solutions, and tell you what they experience and feel. At times your team may feel they are one step forward and two steps back as the iteration aspect of DEEPdt is very evident in this mode. It’s okay, just go with the flow.

As your team has moves back and forth between the modes of DEEPdt, the time will come to tell the story of your User. It is through story where your User will be brought back to the forefront of the action.  How Might We convey the shared empathy to an audience? In the Storytell method of the Produce mode, the team captures the essence of the User, crystallizes the problem encountered, and visibly portrays how the connections within the DEEPdt flow have brought us full circle.  It is here the impact of the solution begins its next journey to be shipped beyond the grasp of the team. Reflection, reflection, reflection.