Work 4 Hire

I am an empathy engineer & design thinking integrator for organizations and humans everywhere. 

Seeking opportunities for change and cracks in environments, spaces, and experiences.  I'm most interested in creating impact in learning arenas, being a valued catalyst and a futurist within an organization. I have the desire to roll up my sleeves, get down in the muck, and iterate ideas, actions, and projects with others. 

Let's talk and begin something together.  Tweet me @scitechyedu

PRESENTATIONS: engaging, interactive talks around the what, how, & whys of design thinking
WORKSHOPS: customized & individualized design thinking workshops that can range from hourly-multiple days. Hands-On, Collaborative, Full on Scale DT Challenges.
COLLABORATE: Let's create together! Love Colla-Brainstormin'
ON-LINE LEARNING: online cohorts, webinars, coaching, & dt facilitation can be conducted via Google Hangouts/Skype

Sample of Upcoming Workshops/Conferences/Gigs

  • Making Connections Conference Albemarle Public County Schools Nov. 6
  • Innovative Learning Conference at The Nueva School Oct. 19-20
  • INPO + MODA 4 Hr Workshop Sept. 6, 2017
  • GISA Sponsored 3 Hr Workshop at St. Andrews School, Savannah, GA Aug. 7, 2017
  • Baker-Butler Elementary School: Ongoing Consultation
  • St. Johns Country Day School: 2 Day Design Thinking Workshop August 2017
  • Georgia Innovation Fund Summit: June 6, 2017. Athens, GA
  • GISA Workshop: Design Thinking "lite"- Woodward Academy April 19, 2017.
  • CHOA/ Strong 4 Life: multiple workshops centered on Millennials Moms + Nutrition: empathy driven Jan. + Feb, 2017
  • Kaiser Permanente: Innovation Instruction (ongoing)
  • Invite Only NYC Design Thinking Event: Professional Learning Dec. 3, 2016 (just the beginning)
  • Design Thinking for Educators & Administration: Nov. 7, 2016: Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada (ongoing)
  • GISA Annual Conference Nov. 7, 2016: DEEP design thinking: The Why and the Why Not Now
  • EdTech Teacher: Innovation Summit Boston: Nov. 2-4, 2016
  • Atlanta Organization: Innovation Design October/November 2016 (ongoing)
  • Children's Health Care of Atlanta Strong4Life: DT Fast-Track Workshop August + Ongoing workshops Sept/Oct
  • Edcamp Summit Atlanta: #DEEPdt Why Edcamp Matters? July 26, 2016 Emory University
  • Marymount School of New York: June: Social Entrepreneurship + Design Thinking Conference
  • The Miami Valley School: Facilitator of Self-Study of K12 Science Department
  • Parish Episcopal School: Parish Leads #DEEPdt Online Crash Course
  • CDC + The Leaders Lyceum Multi-Month Project: Dec.-March Investment in Early Childhood Initiatives
  • Westwood Elementary School - Poway Unified School District: #DEEPdt 101 Workshop
  • Ongoing Online Coaching Support & Curriculum Design for various teachers throughout US
  • Altamira International School: 2-Day Design Thinking Workshop
  • The Children's School: Auction Project, School Committees Challenge, & Member of the Vision Team Sept-Dec.
  • CDC Coaching on Design Thinking via The Leaders Lyceum
  • Episcopal School: #EAinnovates 4-Day #DEEPdt + #MakerED experience

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