The below are notes/responses and replies to a very thoughtful & honest writing by Dan Ryder,

UBD, Design Thinking & Art & Science of Teaching: Triangulating the Delta

Yesterday, I took a few minutes to Dive DEEP into this writing (especially as Dan had taken to Twitter the night before to share some of his thought processes and struggles related to this triangulation).  I encourage you to read his writings and also jump on twitter as there are many voices who chimed in and shared a lot of the same feelings and struggles.

One aspect to this writing, the storify capture below, and the twitter feed that stands out for me with design thinking is the point of views we each have and also the empathy expressed during the conversations.  At times I believe there were moments when someone could have taken a  snarky, or “at least” or “if you would just” approach to Dan’s struggles, but from my perspective there was very little of that. It would have been so easy for me to try to solve (although I admit some of the conversation was a bit over my head) or try to talk Dan out of what he was feeling.  At best, I did the thing I typically do second and tried to connect Dan (@jgough & @djakes) to someone who might have an insight on the matter at hand.

 (My first goto response is always a suggestion and/or interjection and well, this is an area of weakness on my part which is for another post for another day 🙂

Again, I hope you take a moment to read Dan’s piece and send him your thoughts along the way.