Faithful readers and viewers (me, myself, and I 🙂  I thought I would post a reminder that I also have a 2nd blog ALL related to DEEP design thinking demos &  authentic snapshots of design challenges at various modes & frames.   The web address is It is a picture blog full of making, hands-on Science, and lots of DEEP DT.

As important as it is to talk and work with adults around the DEEP design thinking methodology, mindsets, and practice, I am firmly entrenched in collabing with my stellar Mount Vernon Presbyterian School students as much as time will let me.  Thankfully, this school year is allowing me greater opportunities to move all over the Pre-K-12 arena (behind the scenes as well as we continue to practice what we preach and utilize DEEP)  here at MV so I anticipate a lot more postings.

You can click on the below image to access the MV i.Design Lab site. Thank you