The Six Sketchy Sircles tool is designed for flow (flare) moments during the process. Think of it as a way to jolt your brain into sparking, sputtering, and spitting out ideas visually in a rapid-fire pace.  This tool was created by Meghan Cureton, Jim Tiffin, and myself on Thursday morning as we were going over the #FUSE15 MODA Flight Crew session for the next day.  As we were talking out the spin approach “Consultavation” to the #DEEPdt FlashLab Meghan designed, we wanted a way for designers to be more visual with their ideas & pressure the creative process with limited time.  This tool is not a “Eureka” genius creation… I like to think of it as moment where we needed something for our Users and well, we had fun making something “sketchy.”

Here is an additional take on the Sketchy Sircles…  thanks Jim & Meghan for being my collaborative partners…  I am sure we have more in the well to share 🙂

The Prompt:

6 minutes.  Only 1 minute per circle. GO