Step Inside Visible Thinking Routine Poster

via Harvard’s Project Zero & Making Thinking Visible comes Step Inside: Perceive, Know About, Care About

Step Inside visible thinking routine could not be more connected with design thinking.  To me this is all about the point of view of others and stepping inside the shoes of others.  I love the quote from Lee Harper’s, To Kill a Mockingbird  Imagine your students leaving you with a stronger empathetic posture… 

Last summer when I started making these “posters” for individual visible thinking routines, I did it because I was seeking a way to unpack and zero in on all the text from the Visible Thinking PZ site  I needed a way to understand, so I made to learn. In 2012, I had the opportunity to attend Casie Project Zero at Atlanta International School and over the years the utilization of the Visible Thinking Routines, Culture of Thinking, and Making Thinking Visible in my approaches to design thinking has grown.  I see a strong marriage in these two pedagogies and look forward to the honeymoon!