DEEPdt on steroids: DEEP, DEEPr, DEEPed

The crafting, practicing, designing, and iteration of DEEP design thinking officially crosses its sixth year this May.  After running a six week Stanford University’s d.School design thinking challenge pilot with […]

The SPIRAL: DT= Human-Centered

In my ever loving quest to find the design/image that visualizes DEEP design thinking, I continue to come back to the spiral. The ebb and flow of DEEP design thinking […]

Instead of STEM or STEAM- Do d.TEAMSs

STEM:  Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics STEAM: Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics d.TEAMSs:   Design. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics. Science. social What is d. TEAMSs?   In its rough written form, […]

My Design Topic is Selected, Now What?

“The Godfather is the I Ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question. What should I pack for my summer vacation? […]