1 Pager #DEEPdt Dash

There are many ways to approach & apply Design Thinking. The key is the driving force: Empathy + People. I wrote a  blog posts around the idea that “time” is […]

Challenge… Prototype Simple #DEEPdt

I was just watching #designcamp via periscope’s @misterCmaine. The prototypes were pretty interesting.  It got me wondering.  Can you prototype simple?  Meaning, is there a very simple, minuscule idea or […]

#DEEPdt Don’t Start With Empathy…

What a way to draw your attention, right?  “Don’t start with empathy.”  If you know me at all via RL, SM, or hearsay, then you know that for me design […]

#DEEPdt Challenges 2 Tackle #2

This is a reoccurring Post series of possible #DEEPdt challenges snagged from twitter Headlines. These tweets provide great Discover points to launch into a design challenge for Admin., teachers, &/or students.  It is […]

NEW #DEEPdt Rapid-Cycle Challenge Pocket-Guide

This is a placeholder post for the #DEEPdt Rapid-Cycle Challenge Pocket-Guide. It’s new. It’s faster, lighter than using all of those awesome DEEPdt Learning MEANS (yet, still use them  as they are […]

The #DEEPdt FlashLab

UPDATE as of June 9, 2016 (originally published 1/4/2015) I came across the original draft/file for what is now called DEEPdt “Flashlab”  found in MVIFI’s Playbook I co-authored with TJ […]

Working on New Design Concepts 4 #DEEPdt

Dabbling with Photoshop/Illustrator… hoping to settle into a style & content design…  I tend to flare a bit when it comes to things like this…  Time to focus….

A Riff & Ramble on HMW…

Last night I thankfully caught a few tweets between some awesome K12dters Down Under… Philippa N Antipas  Steve Mouldy 1st Follower Reading the tweets and also sharing a couple thoughts with Philippa […]

What do I do? Do I just apply DT to everything?

You have a pretty good understanding of what design thinking is…  there are definitions galore (that’s a good thing): “….design thinking converts need into demand” Peter Drucker “Design Thinking is […]

Why DEEPdt as a design thinking process?

The below post was written over a year ago. Why DEEPdt as a design thinking process? Thankfully Stanford’s d. School is extremely generous with their experiences and have an open source […]