…the 4th Word

This is a quick post…   It is all about the 4th word.   The 4th word that comes after the following:
How Might We…
The 4th word to me can really lift up and energize your brainstorm.  It can open the floodgates for some major solution possibilities…  But wait, I need to slow down and not get ahead of myself (bad habit of running to the solution).  The 4th word that follows “How Might We”  is most important in my opinion because it gets the ball rolling.  In the age of wordsmithing, if we would just let the 4th word rip and go, the juices truly will begin to flow.   The 4th word is the starting point of where you take the needs of the user and give it some direction and framing.   For my students, we generally will do a quick round robin brainstorm of the 4th word so as to remind ourselves that there is more to the 4th word than just design, redesign, and create… 

So below is my brainstorm poster of words for The 4th Word (This poster is not finite—more 4th words are needed- any suggestions):


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