This post is a  quick tweet snatch of possible DEEP design thinking challenges you and your students could tackle.  I want to demonstrate the ease of “Discovering” opportunities for design. I timed it and it took me less than 5 minutes to snatch and embed these tweets!

This tweet is a perfect launching point for a DEEP design thinking challenge… It is a no-brainer of a challenge for the beginning of a school year, yet I wonder what would be uncovered if you did this challenge with your students NOW (in March/April.) This is a relationship builder, mender, and sustainer.

Recess, recess, recess… if ever there was a design thinking challenge to tackle. The immerse and observe aspects of design thinking are perfect for this arena. As a teacher, do you ever see students sitting there in recess bored out of their minds? This is a prime example of what recess is an opportunity for design. Tackle this challenge with your students, you will be amazed with what you uncover.

As summer approaches, how many Administrators have plotted, planned, and paid for some pretty nifty & heavy professional development for their faculty? I bet a majority have already lined up their professional development goals for the 2017-18 school year. Next question, how many of these administrators have asked their faculty what they need to continue, strengthen, and develop their craft as educators… single digits if I was a betting girl! Professional Development is an AWESOME area for administrators to learn, practice, and live design thinking. Final question: How many of you administrators are bold and trusting enough to put professional development into the hands of your faculty?

Again, a simple, rich tweet and its so full of opportunities for design. When do we ask out students these questions?  When do our students have time and intentionally reflect on this question? This simple question could drive an entire years worth of curriculum in your learning space… Imagine, what if you started a class with a blank slate and let this question guide the year with your students?

What a great launching point for a DEEP design thinking challenge! “Outside the baby food aisle” Can you imagine what is outside? This tweet screams for possibilities in terms of studies in nutrition, human behavior and their activities like riding an unu around town with their friends, shopping habits, diet, economics, agriculture, food chemistry, growth process, etc. Do we ever ask what are we eating and why?