Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine: Red Light, Green Light of Truth— Which I reference as Stop Light.

I saw the power of this routine when Shelley Clifford utilized it in a faculty meeting. There were some misconceptions and thoughts on certain topics that needed to be either diffused, clarified, as well as demonstrate where the majority landed with some of their feelings and understandings. Within two minutes of going through the routine, issues that were being exaggerated were weakened, statements of fact made clearer, and positions that some led others to believe were fully supported demonstrated that this was not the case at all. What proceeded this routine was a rich, pedagogical and clarifying discussion that I had wished continued till the rest of the meeting :).  The use of Stop Light demonstrates its power for students who want to voice their opinion yet are fearful of what words to use or if they are alone in this position. It also allows for a quick assessment in understanding, support, and balance towards a topic, question, or moment of learning.

For DEEPdt, Stop Light can be utilized in all aspects of the process.  For facilitation, group dynamics and decision making, and to help be in a better understanding of the User.