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Visible Thinking Routines Visualized #DEEPdt

Over the years I have created handouts to help me visualize Making Thinking Visible: Visible Thinking Routines (via Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison & Harvard’s Project Zero)

In 2013, I met Jessica Ross via Agency by Design and I shared with her my strong belief of the power visible thinking routines can play in design thinking.  The two methos make a great marriage in my opinion. I am thankful for the work of the authors of Making Thinking Visible and the generosity of Harvard’s Project Zero to educators all around the world.  As a DEEPdt design thinker, making thinking visible is valuable not just for designers, but as team members, Users, doers, and creators (you see we are all one in the same at different parts of the DT process).

Below are PDFs of my visualizations of some of the Visible Thinking Routines  I utilize with design thinking (and beyond).  As time goes on, I hope to add more to the collection…