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Infusion to be better (maybe)

A comment recently passed by me that has made me pause, reflect, and try to understand how I can do better...  I am confronted with ...


Moments of Visible Empathy

I thought I would share some thoughts on this concept called MoVe. MoVe stands for Moments of Visible Empathy. In the DEEPdt ...

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#DEEPdt (i)gnite… laying the groundwork

This morning I had the opportunity to talk with Mount Vernon Presbyterian's Innovation Diploma cohort. The reason for the talk was to ...


Iteration, Iteration, Iteration (& repeat)

Iteration, Iteration, Iteration. In DEEPdt, solutions are never perfect, nor do they ever stop evolving (unless we walk away from the user).   Iteration allows for opportunity to dig DEEPer and gain even more understanding of your user’s needs. When iteration occurs, it is the designers ...


Trust the Process…Not the Moment

Trust the Process... Not the Moment.  I have had to remind myself of this phrase a little more than I would like too lately.  The reminder is not because I don't believe it, it is because at certain moments, I forget it is just a moment.  A moment is fleeting, temporary, and easily replaced or ...


VTR: Sentence Phrase Word (SPW) Poster

The visible thinking routine Sentence Phrase Word via Harvard's Project Zer0 & Making Thinking Visible is a pretty powerful tool designers can utilize during a DEEPdt.  How many moments has a word, a phrase, and/or a sentence from a User stuck with you?  Reframed not only the challenge but also ...


#DEEPdt Challenge: Unpack It, Don’t Engrave It

This might seem old school for those who are keen on starting their design thinking challenge with a How Might We... question however for me, I am just not a fan.  Six years, I began my design thinking path by devouring anything and everything I could find on the 'net and practicing DT at every ...

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