DEEPdt affinity chunking-40

In prepping for @WestwoodPUSD @VIDASharks & @HighTECHHigh #DEEPdt Learning for this Friday, I organized some handouts from the DEEPdt Widgets se...

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The #DEEPdt Learning MEANS

deepdt modes logo-03

I have spoken before on the DEEP design thinking site of my desire to create a brand, logo, and/or images that to me shares the depth of this metho...

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Designing Visuals of DEEPdt

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 7.37.11 PM

In my quest to share, show, and shout all things DEEP design thinking, I am very happy to write this post. In the last few months, I have had the cha...

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Who #DEEPdt V3


In May, I posted a pretty daring yet honest writing concerning my present and hopeful future state of employment in education and my work in design th...

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My Jungle Gym for today…

peeps who deep-09

As a way to capture the scope and scale of DEEP design thinking, I thought it would be cool to paint a picture of sorts. The above is version 1.0 of k...

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Who #DEEPdt

DEEPdt Challenge Mapper

As time has gone by and the more I practice DEEP design thinking, creating or identifying moments to infuse design thinking into learning and instruct...

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#DEEPdt Challenge Mapper

DEEPdt Means

I have added a tab on the top of the DEEP design thinking site called DEEPdt Widgets. This tab is a way for me to organize and curate the Widgets of D...

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#DEEPdt Widgets

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