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Moments of Visible Empathy

I thought I would share some thoughts on this concept called MoVe. MoVe stands for Moments of Visible Empathy. In the DEEPdt ...


VTR: Sentence Phrase Word (SPW) Poster

The visible thinking routine Sentence Phrase Word via Harvard's Project Zer0 & Making Thinking Visible is a pretty powerful tool ...


Trust the Process…Not the Moment

Trust the Process... Not the Moment.  I have had to remind myself of this phrase a little more than I would like too lately.  The ...


#DEEPdt Challenge: Unpack It, Don’t Engrave It

This might seem old school for those who are keen on starting their design thinking challenge with a How Might We... question however for me, I am just not a fan.  Six years, I began my design thinking path by devouring anything and everything I could find on the 'net and practicing DT at every ...


VTR: Options Explosion Poster

This visible thinking routine from Project Harvard, Options Explosion is a useful routine for work in Discover and Experiment Mode of DEEPdt.  The design of the poster is a little busy for me yet I need the extra illustrations to better understand its ...


dt.Beacons + #dtk12chat

As d.TEAMSs is still percolating inside my head yet can be found in several areas of my PLC and school environment, I have started brewing another idea. The idea is called dt.BEACONS.  This Wednesday, Sept.10 at 9pm EST Season 2 of #dtK12chat premiers. The topic is HWW...CRUSH #dtk12chat community ...


d.School Curriculum Summit Trip Pics #1 of 4

Palo Alto----> Corrine Okado Takara -----> Las Altos------> Edsurge ------> Dinner w/ David ...

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