This is a quick post…   It is all about the 4th word.   The 4th word that comes after the following: How Might We… The 4th word to me ca...

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…the 4th Word

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Sharing the DEEPdt methodology and its mindsets have been at the core of my work since I began designing DEEPdt in May of 2010. Afterall at its incept...

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Creative Commons of #DEEPdt

DEEPdt Challenge Mapper

As time has gone by and the more I practice DEEP design thinking, creating or identifying moments to infuse design thinking into learning and instruct...

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#DEEPdt Challenge Mapper

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Inspired by convo between @kjarrett & @lndeutsch I’m posting a running #DEEPdt Resource Doc 4 #designthinking  in the K12+ Arena. I will...

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#DEEPdt Resource Doc.

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UPDATE as of June 9, 2016 (originally published 1/4/2015) I came across the original draft/file for what is now called DEEPdt “Flashlab” ...

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The #DEEPdt FlashLab


Last night I thankfully caught a few tweets between some awesome K12dters Down Under… Philippa N Antipas  Steve Mouldy 1st Follower Reading t...

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A Riff & Ramble on HMW…

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